GARDEN OF LIFE Vitamin Code - Raw Calcium 150 vcaps


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Garden of Life Vitamin Code - Raw Calcium 150 vcaps

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Does the Calcium that your body receives RAW, organic, whole food and plant-form calcium? Well, if it comes from Vitamin Code RAW Calcium, then it is! Using an original form of marine algae, known as Algas calcareas, which is ecologically picked off the pristine shores of remote South America, this is the only raw, organic, pure plant form of calcium that Garden of Life has ever come across.

Why Choose This Form of Calcium?
There are numerous advantages to using this plant-form calcium over rock-source calcium. It is widely known that plants from nature are the preferred source for providing the body with nutrients. Of equal importance is that the plant-form calcium used in Vitamin Code RAW Calcium, Algas calcareas, also provides the body with 73 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, silica, boron, vanadium and strontium ll of which have been linked to supporting healthy bones.

In addition to the raw, plant-formed calcium, Vitamin Code RAW Calcium also consists of a host of other raw vitamins and minerals, as well as, live probiotics and enzymes. Raw Vitamin D, an important vitamin that promotes bone growth, is included in the amount of 1,600 IU per serving. Vitamin D is essential to bone health and also acts as a hormone to boosts the absorption of calcium by up to 80%.

Vitamin K2, which has also been known as an important factor in bone health, comes in two forms: MK-4 and MK-7. Vitamin Code RAW Calcium uses the MK-7 form which stays in the body longer than MK-4.

- It May Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis
- Increases the Strength of Bones
- Boosts Bone Mineral Density
- Slows the Loss of Bone

Whether you are living a vegetarian lifestyle, or just simply looking for the best way to supplement calcium available, Vitamin Code RAW Calcium with AlgaeCal RAW is your answer!

Additional Information

ProductSKU 658010113908
Manufacturer Garden Of Life
Per Container: 30
Form capsules
Serving Size 5 capsules
Ingredients Vitamin C 50mg, Vitamin D3 1600IU, Vitamin K2 100mcg, Calcium 756mg, Magnesium 386mg, Boron 3mg, Silica 2.2mg, Strontium 3.8mg, Vanadium 68mcg, RAW Probiotic and Enzyme Blend 75mg, -Saccharomyces boulardii , -Protease , -Phytase , -beta-Glucanase , -alpha-Galactosidase , -Hemicellulase , -Cellulase , RAW Organic Fruit and Vegetable Blend 20mg, -Organic Strawberry , -Organic Cherry , -Organic Blackberry , -Organic Blueberry , -Organic Raspberry , -Organic Beet Juice , -Organic Carrot Juice , -Organic Spinach Juice , -Organic Broccoli Juice , -Organic Tomato Juice , -Organic Kale Juice , -Organic Red Cabbage Juice , -Organic Parsley Leaf Juice , -Organic Brussels Sprout Juice , -Organic Green Bell Pepper Juice , -Organic Cucumber Juice , -Organic Celery Juice , -Organic Garlic Juice , -Organic Ginger Root Juice , -Organic Green Onion Juice , -Organic Cauliflower Juice , -Organic Asparagus Juice ,
Other Ingredients .
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