MRI HSP Active - Heat Shock Activator 30 caps

MRI HSP Active - Heat Shock Activator - 30 caps

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HSP Active - Heat Shock Activator Description from MRI

So What Are HSPs?
Well let’s start with what Heat Shock Proteins aren’t: DIETRY PROTEINS. When most bodybuilders hear the word protein, they see visions of tuna fish, hard boiled eggs (whites only) and whey packets. HSPs are not food.
When building new muscle, your body requires three kinds of protein: dietary, structural and functional. HSPs are functional, but it is the combination of all three proteins that make you stronger and bigger. To achieve the results you want faster, increase the degree of interplay between the proteins. It is important that you how each of these proteins affect your body, and to know what you can do to increase their muscle-building effect.

1. Dietary Proteins
– These proteins are referred to as the building blocks of muscle. Dietary proteins are broken down and turned into amino acids. After a complicated chain of events, they are reassembled into actual protein that builds muscle.

2. Structural Proteins – This type of protein is what the actual muscle consists of. You should be familiar with the structural proteins actin and myosin. This type of protein is what creates actual muscle fiber. A good example of structural protein that can easily be seen is on your biceps. The more actin and myosin that you ingest, the more fiber muscle you will develop, which then causes you to look bigger and increases your strength. It really is that simple! There are also several other types of structural proteins that control the muscle cell’s characteristics such as shape, form and sturdiness to the entire make up of your muscle cell. HSPs play a very important role in the amounts of the different types of structural proteins your body makes.

Note: Proteins account for up to 18% of the your body mass. Imagine if that was all structural protein.

3. Functional Proteins -The name pretty much explains it all! These proteins are the workforce that promotes muscle building. These proteins are more than just muscle builders, they are also life sustainers. Some examples of functional proteins are cell-signally proteins, HSPs, and enzymes! Unlike their other structural counterparts, these proteins are not visible. Functional proteins keep this complex machine, your body, operating at its peak level.

- Support Muscle Mass
- Promote Muscle Growth
- Increase Muscle Protein
- Stimulate Protein Synthesis
- Maintain Muscle

Additional Information

ProductSKU 633012650095
Manufacturer MRI-Performance
Per Container: 30
Form Capsules
Serving Size 2 cap
Ingredients TEX-OE
Other Ingredients Mannitol, Gelatin, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Water, Titanium Dioxide.
Directions On training days, dose 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to your workout.
Warning .

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