Natural Factors PGX Daily - 750 mg 120 Softgels


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Natural Factors PGX Daily - 750 mg 120 Softgels

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Natural Factors PGX Daily Benefits at a Glance:

- Controls the appetite to encourage healthy weight loss
- Helps burn excess amounts of body fat
- Helps balance cholesterol and reduce triglycerides
- Lowers insulin secretion while improving insulin sensitivity
- Helps stabilize blood sugar
- Aids in proper digestive function and improves regularity

PGX (PolyGlycopleX) is a natural non starch fiber – or polysaccharide – that is naturally capable of absorbing large volumes of water. If this supplement is taken at mealtimes the PGX absorbs water, increasing the volume of the food you eat, making you feel fuller, faster (therefore drinking plenty of water when taking PGX is essential).

The satisfied “after dinner” fullness will actually help your body normalize and stabilize its insulin levels. Many people tend to get caught on what is known as the “insulin roller coaster” . The food they eat causes excess amounts of insulin to be secreted. Later, as the blood sugar drops the person feels hungry again, leading them to eat more than they perhaps should. This new food causes excess insulin secretion get the picture. PGX helps you get of the insulin rollercoaster and onto the path to healthy, sustained weight loss.

Years of ongoing research into the properties and benefits of PGX led to the development of the PGX Daily Ultra Matrix softgel which boasts a superior delivery system for the best possible results. The makers of this supplement found that by suspending PGX in an MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) rich oil matrix, which is actually derived from pure coconut oil, the PGX is delivered right where it is needed in a quick, efficient manner.

Additional Information

ProductSKU 068958355610
Manufacturer Natural Factors
Form Softgels
Serving Size 120
Ingredients PGX (PolyGlycopleX
Other Ingredients .
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