MRM Reload - Stick Packs Lemonade - 20 packets

MRM Reload - Stick Packs Lemonade - 20 packets

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MRM Reload - Stick Packs Lemonade - 20 packets helps protect lean muscle tissue and support enhanced recovery in hardcore athletes and bodybuilders. It contains precise ratios of specially-selected ingredients that prevent catabolic muscle damage by adding to the body’s amino acid stores and speeding up muscle recovery. Maximizing your amino acid reserves is one of the best ways to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue, reduce muscle fatigue, and boost your stamina. This supplement “locks ‘n loads” the body with amino acids to zone in on muscles that need refueling, to keep the whole machine running smoothly so you can power through your training routine.

This advanced supplement contains a bioengineered combination of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), beta alanine, and L-glutamine. It delivers these vital components exponentially to the muscles with its highly absorbable, super-soluble form. It is designed to provide maximum bioavailability and nitrogen retention. BCAAs are vital to your system because they make up about a third of your skeletal muscle mass, help produce metabolic energy, and rebuild damaged muscle tissue. These amino acids are also considered to be essential dietary nutrients.

Don’t forget: your best defense is an excellent offense. MRM Reload - Stick Packs Lemonade - 20 packets gives you the nutrients you need to support your muscle growth from the start. Arm yourself against catabolism and protect your hard-earned muscles with this amazing supplement.

Additional Information

ProductSKU 609492710406
Manufacturer MRM-Metabolic Response Modifiers
Per Container: 20
Form powder
Serving Size 14 grams
Ingredients Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl) 2mg, L-Leucine 3750mg, L-Valine 2250mg, L-Isoleucine 1500mg, L-Glutamine 3000mg, Beta-Alanine 500mg, Instantized Branched Chain Amino Acid Powder, L-glutamine, Citric Acid, Natural Lemon flavor, Beta-alanine, Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide, and Pyridoxine HCl.
Other Ingredients .
Directions Add stick pack to 10 ounces of water and mix well
Warning .

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